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Shikoba by Laserbot Shikoba by Laserbot
Basic Information:
Name: Shikoba (Meaning: Feathered one)
Age: 17 (human years)
Height: 8ft
Length: 24ft
Species: Perdagadon
Gender: Male

Personality: Is a giver. He can be hotheaded but normally prefers to be cautious in any situation so as not to put his charge in danger. He is extremely loyal and proud.

Powers: Shikoba posses the ability to conceal his presence or make himself invisible. Like most of his kind he possesses the ability to sense magical oras. He also has the ability to heal and to cast spells. The power of his spells depends on his strength and how much magic he has in him at the time. With a boost from eating magical stones he can become a force to be reckoned with. His feathers also provide a mage with special abilities for a certain amount of time while they are in possession of them.

Speech: His kind do not speak but utter clucks, whistles, purrs, growls and calls to communicate. Some think they may have the ability to telepathically communicate but it is not proven.

Enemies/Allies: Shikoba’s enemies are his charges enemies. His friends are his charges friends. Sometimes however he may make a friend without her influence.

Heritage: Comes from a long line of Perdragadon, Flame tails. Not all Perdragadons are feathered but his particular breed is. His feathers are one of his strongest attributes.

Bio/Origin: Shikoba was but anhatchling when he was partnered with baby Amani. It was the custom of Meda Alasha to pair a Perdragadon with its charge at an infant age so the two would grow up together to form a magical bond of friendship. Only the charge of a Perdragadon could truly understand their friend besides that of other Perdragadon. It is said that a Perdragadons bond is so strong to their charge that if their charge was to pass on they would soon follow out of extreme despair and grief, despite their ability to live many more years then humans. However, there also have been instances where the creature has taken on the role of guardian for his charges children and their guardians. The reason for this custom was because of the special magical abilities of the species. The people ofMeda Alasha found that they could live in a cooperative relationship with the creatures by providing food and shelter while they would help them to enhance their own magical abilities andprotect them from threats.
Perdragadons are of a rare group of mystical creatures that possessed magical abilities and are intelligent to a certain degree. However many were hunted into extinction due to the corruption outside of Meda Alasha’sboundaries. It was because of the misunderstanding of non magic locals who compared them to demons that they were hunted and exterminated.

For a long time it was thought that Perdragodons had gone extinct but a few however survived within the walls of the kingdom where they continued to be bread and raised.There are many types ofPerdragadon’s out there each with their owntype of magical abilities. That is why certain types are placed with a certain types of mages. When they are compatible the two strengthen eachothers magical capabilities.
Shikoba is a 3rd generation just like his charge. And like his charge posses the potential for great and powerful magic. It was through the wisdom of Therogo that he was chosen to be Amani’s guardian for he comes from a descended line of the rarest and most powerful form of his kind, Flame tails. Flame tail, refers to the feathers on the tip of their tail. It is said that a flame tails wings and tail feathers poses healing properties amongst many other forms of magic that differs for each individual. Shikoba is proud of his heritage but has accepted(to his knowledge) that he is the last of his kind. His sole purpose in life is to protect and aid his charge like all perdragadons.

With his powerful claws he can dig through solid rock to find precious magical stones that help Amani in her magic. Sometimes however he will swallow a few along with his normal diet of vegetation insects, and fruit to strengthen his own magical abilities when times are hard.

Because of hisability to pick up on magical oras he has been able to keep Amani out of reach of Sarrus troops on many an occasion. There has been instances though that both have had to fight their way out of situations. In the case of being cornerd Shikoba provides his magic to help Amani conjure more powerful spells. And when threatened himself he may use the specialized feathered scales on his back to defend himself.

The feathers on the back of his tail can become pointed and hard as dragons scales when he becomes provoked. In order to defend himself he can whip his tail and deal out a deadly dose of needles that can cripple and if thrashed enough kill an opponent. Often times they will flee first before fighting. In that case Shikoba, with the aid of magic can fly certain distancesto escape. This however takes a lot out of him and can make them vulnerable to attack. Because they are known to run at incredible speed for long distances,It is very rare that a Perdragadon will have to resort to flight but will if he must.

When the attack came on Meda Alasha he helped Amani to escape by cloaking her with his wings. Even as thousands of his kind were slaughtered before his eyes he fulfilled his duty to the king and to his Charge Amani. Now he remains loyal to her helping her through the stumbling blocks of life. He will be her guardian till the day he dies.
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Silvercalovere Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
He looks powerful enough without magic.
Laserbot Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2008  Hobbyist Filmographer
Tollnes Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2008
Is he human :wow:
Laserbot Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2008  Hobbyist Filmographer
hehe no Shikoba is a creature i made up, a Perdragadon ^_^
Tollnes Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2008
I like him:drool:
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