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Quickflight Lines by Laserbot Quickflight Lines by Laserbot
This is Quickflight from the story "Tales of Titans."


Alt Mode: Seeker

Status: Lord High, Council-Mech

Abilities: Considerable political skills are matched only by his flight capabilities and past combat experience.

Character Story/Background:

From a young age Quickflight knew that he had a future in politics. Unfortunately there was a territory dispute between a minor city and that of Vos. Because of this he was not able to start out on his destined path immediately due to the pressure of his parents; mainly his father who believed it was his duty to Vos to serve during a time of need.

While in the military he would meet Raindance, and Sunstorm who would become his future trine mates. It was during this time that his unwavering leadership and skills became more pronounced, thrusting Quickflight into a role of command amongst the ranks of seeker aerial command.

Eventually the war ended with Vos as the victor. By then Quickflight had earned the rank of First Wing of Vos's First Trine.

It was not long after his term of duty ended that he returned to Vos to inherit the shipping company that his parents had left to him. It was in this opportunity that he began to explore his more prominent political spotlight.

Like his father before him he soon climbed through the ranks of noble mechs until he was inaugurated as Lord High Seeker and gained his seat on Vos'ís Council.

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