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A meeting had been set in motion with the top generals and Lutrex as he
informed them of the recent developments and they planned their next plans
of defence and attack on the Decepticons empire to end this war once and for

after several joors the meeting finaly ended and Lutrex emerged from the
room. several of the generals saluted him as they left to go about their dutys.

a young mech then came running up to Lutrex interrupting his conversation
with the current stand in second in comand. "Sir the ship has been prepared
for your departure." he saluted.

When Lutrex came down to the hanger, he'd find a craft waiting - Small, fast,
designed to get from A to B as quickly as possible.

A pilot stood at attention near the boarding ramp.

Lutrex looked to the pilot and staff in charge of loading the ship with medical
suplies and energon. "Has Crosswire and Patch arrived yet?"he looked tot he

"Just loaded on, sir."

Lutrex noded. "Good, then if everythings in order lets move out we have a
long flight ahead of us." Lutrex pat a hand on the Pilots shoulder as they
walked ontot he ship. "Thanks for voulenteering for this mission Zero. I know
the weather out there isnt going to be prety to nav though." they walked up the

"Hey, theirs a reason they call this the Give-Em-Hell-icoptor."

Zero swaggered up to his cockpit and slotted his arms into the ports. The
boarding ramp drew up and the gravimetric rotors spun. It lifted off, carrying
the Guardian to Helex.

Lutrex smiled heading back into the main pasanger cabin. he looked aorund
but Crosswire and Patch seemed to be in the medical facility on the aircraft.
probably prepping for the patients they would hopefuly soon be taking. with
any luck the peaceful collony would alow them entry and they could convince

they were on friendly terms with medical suplied and fresh energon.

Lutrex took a seat watching as the ship took off.

He closed his optics sighing reveling inthe short time of peace and quiet.

"You're really going to take in the entire colony?" Cirrus asked.

Lutrex optics shot open and he sighed.. "I should have known..." He
whispered and sat up a little looking at Cirrus who was now ocupying the seat
infront of him. "I am a Guardian Cirrus its what i do... Protect... I will offer
them refuge if they wish it but i will not force them to do anything they do not
wish." He replied evenly.

"Good." Cirrus answered evenly. "Doubt they'll want to stick in that hole

"Why are you hear Cirrus... I never knew you to come along on charity
trips..." Lutrex looked out the window.

"Because, for one, I know who we're looking for. Two, its not just a charity
mission. Three, NOTHING goes uneventfully when we're involved. Four,
how did the last time I let you out of my sight work out?"

Lutrex glanced at him at that not compleetely convinced.

"Besides, your taking care of one of the Last Things To Do Before You Kill

Lutrex sighed he had expected that reaction. "I am not suicidal Cirrus..." He
goraned pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Oh, right. You just play one on the vids."

Lutrex shook his helm and was silent at that.

Cirrus folded his arms. "So what? You're just going to do whatever that old
bastard tells you?"

"hey watch it!" Lutrex looked at him glaring at him insulting his mentor. "All
of Cybertron owes more to him then any of us will ever truly comprehend!
And i am not his pupet i have my own path that i must follow just as you do!"

Lutrex replied firmly but his voice lowerd back into a even register.

"Your path being to slit your own throat once you've outlived your
usefulness." Cirrus shot back.

"I didnt expected you to understand... But i never thought you would make
this even harder for me then it already has to be!" Cirrus could see Lutrex
wings were now shaking with held back emotion as his hands griped the seat
tight trying to hold back something.

"Making it harder?" Cirrus rose a skeptical optic ridge. "Seeing how I havent
gotten in your way, and your not really acting on what I'm saying, I dont see
how this is getting harder."

Lutrex shot up at this. "You know what i mean!!" "How do you think i feel
HUH!" he pointed a finger into Cirrus armor. "I'm not perfect slag it you of all
mechs now that! I'm scared like any sparkling would be but i cannot aford to
let it controll me theres to much at steak!!" His wings were quivering now his
whole frame tense and he turned away to

look out a window.

"Primus forbid you do the sensible thing." Cirrus wasnt fazed. "Oh right. He
does. Literally."

Lutrex wings shot high in frustration as he turned aorund. " Take a look
Cirrus! THIS IS WHO YOU WANTED CIRRUS!" Energy burned form his
optics briefely but it was not born of anger. "or do you not remember what
you told me back in polyhex!" he looked the other square in the optics. "If i do
not do this then i have failed you and countless more!

"I will not sacrifice myself for nothing!! dont you understand I fight like every
aubot and soldier that ever believed in a free cybertron died for! Look at
Prime! I do this not becasue i have been comanded to i could turn away
anytime it has happened! But i will not! becasue i believe Cirrus!"

"I will gladly give my one meisly spark for hundreds more to live on! have
you not made that same comitment every time you pick up that sword and
fight!!" Lutrex held the others shoulders staring him in the optics.

Cirrus' optics met Lutrex's and, for a moment, the other might have had to
wonder why he had the face altered when the mask had been just as

"You don't need to die and you're an idiot for not even LOOKING for a third
option." Was all he said.

Lutrex wings wilted at this and he let go of his firends shoulders and sat down.
"If there was another option i would have... but i know for certian there is
not..." He replied before he looke dup at the emotionless visage fo the green
mech. "Why did you even get a face if your not even gana use it..." Lutrex
sighed looking tired again.

Cirrus rotated the jaw slowly. "Maybe I'm just not used to it."

"Or maybe I use it for something you're not aware of."

Lutrex gave him a look at that. "for what?" he asked halfheartedly.

Cirrus rubbed the bridge of his nose, concealing his lower face. "Private

Lutrex quirked an optic ridge... "Oh no... you been asking me private
questions nonstop! your turn, spill it!" Lutrex crossed his arms.

"No." Cirrus denied point blank. "Otherwise, it wouldn't be a private matter."

"what are you afraid of Cirrus, I'm your friend! for crying out loud i told you
im going to die! have you ever known me to squeal on anything!?" He looked
a bit hurt that his close friend didnt trust him in return.

"Speaking of squealing." Cirrus shifted. "You and Crosswire. Whats your

It was fairly obvious he was trying to change the subject.

Lutrex otpics widened at this as a blush suddenly came over his wings. "Y
you! Stop trying to change the subject... Our relationship is meerely a
profesional.. w wait a minute..." Lutrex blush faded as realization hit. "Thats it
isnt it.." Lutrex smiled at Cirrus and brought his hands up interlocking his
fingers as

he held his chin up.

"What's it?"

"Dont play dumb... You met somone didnt you... why else would somone
normaly so reserved even need a face... need a mouth..." Lutrex gave sly
knowing smile having pieced it together.

Cirrus's hands balled and splayed.

"Okay, I met a femme who was around before Cybertronians even had
exostructures. She has a penchant for oversized firearms, shadow controlling
powers and might be a bit crazy."

Lutrex caught sight of his hands used to reading his body language for how
the other was feeling. at his responce the Guardian gave a hearty lagh. "I cant
believe it! HAHA! well congradulations Cirrus you sly mech! She sounds
perfect for you!" Lutrex was unperturbed by any of the descriptions more

so amused.

He raised an optic ridge. "You don't think I'm pulling your leg?"

"I can read your bodylanguage a mile away by now my friend... besides you
been particularly carful to hid your facial expressions wich leads me to believe
that no your not lying hahaha!" Lutrex continued to laugh.

"Probably helps its one of the more believable things you've heard lately."

Lutrex sobered up a bit at this "Heh yea... well whats her name?" Lutrex

Cirrus paused, jaw stiffening. "Reflex."

"huh unique... and fitting ide say by what you describe." Lutrex smiled. "If
you dont mind love if you introduced me sometime... like to meet the fem that
fell for your hardaft heh." Lutrex verbaly jabed his firend in good humor. "In
all seriousness tho... Im happy for you brother." he nodded.

Cirrus' hands flexed awkwardly, as if unsure what to do.

"So what part of a professional relationship entails you turning red every time
you two make optic contact?"

even at that coment Lutrex wings fluttered back and his face blushed. damnit
he thought that had caught him off guard. he always did that when he got
defencive he should have known!

"Hate to see what happens when she gives you a physical."

Lutrex sputtered at that. "Look its nothing ok!" he looked away almost like a
impish sparkling caught his his hand in the energongoodie jar.

"Like its nothing the way she takes her time looking you over?"

Lutrex turned back the blush had gotten more prominant. "Would you stop it!"
Lutrex got out of his seat and moved to the other side of it trying to get away
from the other or at least hide his reactions.

"What are you going to do?" Cirrus asked, unperturbed. "Because we both
know you'll have to deal with it eventually."

on the other end of the seat both wings could still be visable to his firend they
wilted at that coment. if Cirrus had been on the other side to see his face he
would have notes his optics had dimmed and he wore and sad depressed look
as he stared at the floor. "thats... why it cannever be anything..." Lutrex

replied in a sad voice.

"Whats why?" Cirrus stood, folding his arms and walking to Lutrex's side.

"I dont want to put her through ..." He looked away as he replied in a bearly
audable whisper not finishing.

"Or you both could go for what little happiness you can get hold of."

Lutrex looked up at that. "but.. she doesnt know..." he replied.

"That can change." Cirrus countered. "Trust me - When it comes down to it,
theirs a reason going to them feels like the right thing to do."

Lutrex looked down thoughtful at this. "I just dont want to hurt her... look
how you took it Cirrus, I don't even know what your going to do when i
actualy have too..." He trailed off and put his head in his hands. "I may knoy
my duty and purpose but i am far form knowing what it is i should do." his
voice wavered like his wings.


"Do the right thing." Cirrus advised. "And don't overthink what that is. Yeah,
theirs a storm on the horizon, but you deal with that when you get their. Do
what feels right now, or you never may."

Lutrex brought his head out of his hands and looked up at Cirrus. "Your alot
wiser then you let yourself apear to be Cirrus.." he replied a little suprised but
refreshed by the others reasuring coments. "You... You are right..." He said
after several moment went by. "I should not live life with only my end in sight
but find

meaning int he time ive been given.." he replied looking up at his firend

Cirrus shrugged. "Just heard too many whine that nothing has meaning unless
it lasts forever. Got boring after awhile."

Lutrex nodded. "Thank you... I will... give it a chance but... she will have to
know." His otpics brightened but his face also wore a blush once more as he
thought of his crush. his mod had seemed to improve at the hopeful prospect.

"If I'd thought of all the reasons it COULD have gone bad, I'd have never
gone back to her."

"Heh you have a point... I just hope im not making a mistake by telling her...
Hi would you like to be my girlfirend oh yea by the way im going to die!"
Lutrex for once actualy seemed to make a joke out of it he laughed nervously
fidgeting with his beard.

"Worst case, she'll kick you."

"and ill deserve it.." He meerely stated.

"actualy... more likely she will hurl her wrench at my forehelm..." he chuckled

"She leads to the right, by the way." Cirrus added.

"thanks ill keep that in mind..." he replied again evenly almost in a comical

Cirrus galnced out the nearby window. "We're in Helex."

Outside, plainly visible, the sky had turned a sickly brown-black. Lightning
flashed ominously in the clouds and rain washed down the screen.

Lutrex looked out. "huh that was suprisingly fast and the weather seemd to be
in our favor..." He replied. "Perhaps things are looking up for us."

"Don't worry. We'll go back to the usual soon enough." Cirrus said, walking
away. "I'll make sure the pilot finds the place."

he said this just when lighting flashed and the ship suddenly lurched.

Lutrex stared out into the horrid atmosphere and thundering rain of Helix.
"Primus...Guide us..." He whispered.
This fiction is created form the ongoing RPG form

for more information see the first Log.
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