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Dream Creature Predadon by Laserbot Dream Creature Predadon by Laserbot
ok so i had another of those strange dreams... to tell you the truth alot of my dreams are strange i think lol anyways this was a creature in my dream and as you can guess he isnt a nice looking guy for a reason...

i guess in the dream these things were taking over the land in some sort of migrational way and they were mystical beasts of some sort that served somon higher up i dono i never got to meet the being in the dream... i just remember being with a team of people trying to escape these things that were ravaging like everything in their path. it was crazy...

it all started when some idiots unlocked some gate to an alternate dimension in order to play a game of chicken with friends... the reason was because it had been so long that the beasts were a myth/legend to those people... (and when i say people i mean like alll sorts... humans to animal humanoids and so on...) i was with this group and tried to tell them not to go inside the gate becasue i still believed in they myth but they didnt listen and they went inside anyways, concerned for my friends safety i followed.

i think a few were animal people. anyways they wander in realy far into the misty swamp environment and are begining to hear sounds and freak out suddenly one of them gets snatched by something but its so incredibly fast one moment they are there the next they are gone... then next thing everyone is screaming and running and these things are chasing them.

its was a good sized group btw... bout 10 when it started out then about 4 survivors. anyways i am with them in all this becasue obviously its my dream... ^^; anyways the gate remains open and its too hectic to close becasue the things are like right on us! So the creatures from a different dimension get through and start attacking the people of that universe. we manage to hide in an old delapidated jeep... dont ask...^^;

the way those things attack is with their toung and razor sharp claws and teeth. they got sharp barbs on each toung and they grab unsuspecting victims much like a camaelion does cept with two toungs like maces and then CHOMP! O_O mean suckers and scarry!

so yea after a while it becomes aparent they are being organized by somone higher up from that malicious universe on the otherside of the gate. the creatures stop eating everyone and start taking prizoners by coraling captured people from all over back through the gate to their side... it was so intense becasue i was constantly on the run in the dream trying to survive that i cant even begin to type all the stuff that happened. all i can say is that the group i was in found some ancient technology or something that was going to help us fight the things but then i woke up... is sad... anyways yea theres my long blown out dream....

again i have such freakey dreams!!! but gotta admit they are epic!
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tfsolardive Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2009   Photographer
LOL. Right before you got to kick some butt too. :-). Cool dream love. I hope you keep having them, they are very creative. Welp, off to bed now my love. Kiss.
JZLobo Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I had a real upsetting dream myself last night. I dreamed Unicron was attacking Earth, and we had no way of stopping him. I could see him in the sky and everything... it was really stressful.
Hydrothrax Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2009  Student

....same goes here. But since my brain is so frantic and BLARG, I tend to constantly shift into other dimensions or dreams....I've got a wacky brain D:

Nice creature thingy by the way! 8D
Laserbot Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2009  Hobbyist Filmographer
lol yea i hear ya mine does that sometimes too or else i just tend to tie everything together despite the wierdness... and hay thanks!

also thx for comenting! :D
Hydrothrax Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2009  Student

and yer welcome! 8D
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April 26, 2009
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